WinAck RJ-series Regenerative Battery Test System Dec 15, 2023

WinAck Group, as a professional battery charge discharge test equipment manufacturer, has several series of battery test systems ranging from small single cells to big battery packs. 

Among them, RJ-series regenerative battery test system is a popular and advanced battery pack cycler with high testing accuracy, rich charging and discharging modes, independent control of each channel, support for parallel connection of channels, powerful protection functions, user-friendly operation software in English, easy to use and good stability.

Table 1. Model List_WinAck_RJ-series Regenerative Battery Test System

Product Model DC Voltage Range/CH DC Current Range/CH Channels/SET Max. Power/CH Max. Power/SET
WA-BTS-RJ60V20A48CH57kW 60V ±20A 48CH 1.2kW 57.6kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V30A24CH43kW 60V ±30A 24CH 1.8kW 43.2kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V60A16CH57kW 60V ±60A 16CH 3.6kW 57.6kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V60A20CH72kW 60V ±60A 20CH 3.6kW 72kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V60A24CH86kW 60V ±60A 24CH 3.6kW 86.4kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V60A44CH158kW 60V ±60A 44CH 3.6kW 158.4kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V100A6CH36kW 60V ±100A 6CH 6kW 36kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V100A8CH48kW 60V ±100A 8CH 6kW 48kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V150A4CH36kW 60V ±150A 4CH 9kW 36kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V150A12CH108kW 60V ±150A 12CH 9kW 108kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V200A4CH48kW 60V ±200A 4CH 12kW 48kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V300A2CH36kW 60V ±300A 2CH 18kW 36kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V400A2CH48kW 60V ±400A 2CH 24kW 48kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V600A1CH36kW 60V ±600A 1CH 36kW 36kW
WA-BTS-RJ60V800A1CH48kW 60V ±800A 1CH 48kW 48kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V20A28CH56kW 100V ±20A 28CH 2kW 56kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V30A24CH72kW 100V ±30A 24CH 3kW 72kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V30A28CH84kW 100V ±30A 28CH 3kW 84kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V50A8CH40kW 100V ±50A 8CH 5kW 40kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V50A16CH80kW 100V ±50A 16CH 5kW 80kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V60A8CH48kW 100V ±60A 8CH 6kW 48kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V60A16CH96kW 100V ±60A 16CH 6kW 96kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V100A6CH60kW 100V ±100A 6CH 10kW 60kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V100A8CH80kW 100V ±100A 8CH 10kW 80kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V120A8CH96kW 100V ±120A 8CH 12kW 96kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V150A6CH90kW 100V ±150A 6CH 15kW 90kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V200A4CH80kW 100V ±200A 4CH 20kW 80kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V300A2CH60kW 100V ±300A 2CH 30kW 60kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V300A3CH90kW 100V ±300A 3CH 30kW 90kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V300A4CH120kW 100V ±300A 4CH 30kW 120kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V400A2CH80kW 100V ±400A 2CH 40kW 80kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V400A8CH320kW 100V ±400A 8CH 40kW 320kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V450A2CH90kW 100V ±450A 2CH 45kW 90kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V480A2CH96kW 100V ±480A 2CH 48kW 96kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V600A1CH60kW 100V ±600A 1CH 60kW 60kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V600A2CH120kW 100V ±600A 2CH 60kW 120kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V800A1CH80kW 100V ±800A 1CH 80kW 80kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V800A4CH320kW 100V ±800A 4CH 80kW 320kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V900A1CH90kW 100V ±900A 1CH 90kW 90kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V960A1CH96kW 100V ±960A 1CH 96kW 96kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V1200A1CH120kW 100V ±1200A 1CH 120kW 120kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V1600A2CH320kW 100V ±1600A 2CH 160kW 320kW
WA-BTS-RJ100V3200A1CH320kW 100V ±3200A 1CH 320kW 320kW
WA-BTS-RJ120V100A8CH96kW 120V ±100A 8CH 12kW 96kW
WA-BTS-RJ120V120A8CH115kW 120V ±120A 8CH 14.4kW 115.2kW
WA-BTS-RJ120V150A6CH108kW 120V ±150A 6CH 18kW 108kW
WA-BTS-RJ120V200A4CH96kW 120V ±200A 4CH 24kW 96kW
WA-BTS-RJ120V240A4CH115kW 120V ±240A 4CH 28.8kW 115.2kW
WA-BTS-RJ120V300A3CH108kW 120V ±300A 3CH 36kW 108kW
WA-BTS-RJ120V400A2CH96kW 120V ±400A 2CH 48kW 96kW
WA-BTS-RJ120V450A2CH108kW 120V ±450A 2CH 54kW 108kW
WA-BTS-RJ120V480A2CH115kW 120V ±480A 2CH 57.6kW 115.2kW
WA-BTS-RJ120V800A1CH96kW 120V ±800A 1CH 96kW 96kW
WA-BTS-RJ120V900A1CH108kW 120V ±900A 1CH 108kW 108kW
WA-BTS-RJ120V960A1CH115kW 120V ±960A 1CH 115.2kW 115.2kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V100A6CH90kW 150V ±100A 6CH 15kW 90kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V100A8CH120kW 150V ±100A 8CH 15kW 120kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V120A8CH144kW 150V ±120A 8CH 18kW 144kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V150A6CH135kW 150V ±150A 6CH 22.5kW 135kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V200A4CH120kW 150V ±200A 4CH 30kW 120kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V240A4CH144kW 150V ±240A 4CH 36kW 144kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V300A2CH90kW 150V ±300A 2CH 45kW 90kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V300A3CH135kW 150V ±300A 3CH 45kW 135kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V400A2CH120kW 150V ±400A 2CH 60kW 120kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V450A2CH135kW 150V ±450A 2CH 67.5kW 135kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V480A2CH144kW 150V ±480A 2CH 72kW 144kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V600A1CH90kW 150V ±600A 1CH 90kW 90kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V800A1CH120kW 150V ±800A 1CH 120kW 120kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V900A1CH135kW 150V ±900A 1CH 135kW 135kW
WA-BTS-RJ150V960A1CH144kW 150V ±960A 1CH 144kW 144kW
WA-BTS-RJ200V100A8CH160kW 200V ±100A 8CH 20kW 160kW
WA-BTS-RJ200V150A6CH180kW 200V ±150A 6CH 30kW 180kW
WA-BTS-RJ200V200A4CH160kW 200V ±200A 4CH 40kW 160kW
WA-BTS-RJ200V400A2CH160kW 200V ±400A 2CH 80kW 160kW
WA-BTS-RJ200V450A2CH180kW 200V ±450A 2CH 90kW 180kW
WA-BTS-RJ200V800A1CH160kW 200V ±800A 1CH 160kW 160kW
WA-BTS-RJ200V900A1CH180kW 200V ±900A 1CH 180kW 180kW
WA-BTS-RJ300V100A4CH120kW 300V ±100A 4CH 30kW 120kW
WA-BTS-RJ300V100A6CH180kW 300V ±100A 6CH 30kW 180kW
WA-BTS-RJ300V200A2CH120kW 300V ±200A 2CH 60kW 120kW
WA-BTS-RJ300V300A2CH180kW 300V ±300A 2CH 90kW 180kW
WA-BTS-RJ300V400A1CH120kW 300V ±400A 1CH 120kW 120kW
WA-BTS-RJ300V400A2CH240kW 300V ±400A 2CH 120kW 240kW
WA-BTS-RJ300V600A1CH180kW 300V ±600A 1CH 180kW 180kW
WA-BTS-RJ450V150A4CH270kW 450V ±150A 4CH 67.5kW 270kW
WA-BTS-RJ550V500A2CH550kW 550V ±500A 2CH 275kW 550kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V100A2CH150kW 750V ±100A 2CH 75kW 150kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V100A4CH300kW 750V ±100A 4CH 75kW 300kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V100A6CH450kW 750V ±100A 6CH 75kW 450kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V150A4CH450kW 750V ±150A 4CH 112.5kW 450kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V200A1CH150kW 750V ±200A 1CH 150kW 150kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V200A2CH300kW 750V ±200A 2CH 150kW 300kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V300A2CH270kW 750V ±300A 2CH 225kW 270kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V300A2CH450kW 750V ±300A 2CH 225kW 450kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V400A1CH300kW 750V ±400A 1CH 300kW 300kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V400A2CH600kW 750V ±400A 2CH 300kW 600kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V500A2CH500kW 750V ±500A 2CH 375kW 500kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V600A1CH270kW 750V ±600A 1CH 270kW 270kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V600A1CH450kW 750V ±600A 1CH 450kW 450kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V800A1CH600kW 750V ±800A 1CH 600kW 600kW
WA-BTS-RJ750V1000A1CH500kW 750V ±1000A 1CH 500kW 500kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V50A6CH300kW 1000V ±50A 6CH 50kW 300kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V100A2CH200kW 1000V ±100A 2CH 100kW 200kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V100A3CH300kW 1000V ±100A 3CH 100kW 300kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V100A4CH400kW 1000V ±100A 4CH 100kW 400kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V100A6CH300kW 1000V ±100A 6CH 100kW 300kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V200A1CH200kW 1000V ±200A 1CH 200kW 200kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V200A2CH400kW 1000V ±200A 2CH 200kW 400kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V300A1CH300kW 1000V ±300A 1CH 300kW 300kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V300A2CH300kW 1000V ±300A 2CH 300kW 300kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V400A1CH400kW 1000V ±400A 1CH 400kW 400kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V500A1CH500kW 1000V ±500A 1CH 500kW 500kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V500A2CH500kW 1000V ±500A 2CH 500kW 500kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V1000A1CH500kW 1000V ±1000A 1CH 500kW 500kW
1000V ±1000A 1CH 800kW 800kW
WA-BTS-RJ1000V1000A1CH1000kW 1000V ±1000A 1CH 1000kW 1000kW
WA-BTS-RJ1500V200A1CH300kW 1500V ±200A 1CH 300kW 300kW
WA-BTS-RJ1500V300A1CH450kW 1500V ±300A 1CH 450kW 450kW
WA-BTS-RJ1500V400A1CH300kW 1500V ±400A 1CH 300kW 300kW
WA-BTS-RJ1500V500A1CH500kW 1500V ±500A 1CH 500kW 500kW
WA-BTS-RJ1650V200A1CH250kW 1650V ±200A 1CH 250kW 250kW
WA-BTS-RJ1800V200A2CH400kW 1800V ±200A 2CH 400kW 400kW

Kindly reminder: 

a) If there are any adjustments or modifications you'd like to make to the voltage range, current range, or output power range; or if you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to assist you in any way we can. We value your feedback, and our team is committed to providing the best solutions and service to you.

b) The above are some of our product models, for more battery test systems with other voltage ranges, current ranges and output power, please contact us for more details.

c) The above models and parameters are for reference only, please refer to the latest technical specifications provided by us.

WinAck Group can provide complete battery test equipment solutions. Come by, contact us for a solution that can help you succeed. For better batteries, Win & Ack!

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