Lithium-ion Battery Cell Capacity Testing and Grading System

Lithium-ion battery capacity testing and grading system is one of the necessary machines for battery cell manufacturers, battery pack assemblers, and battery recycling and reuse manufacturers.

  • Model:

  • Test channels:

    512CH/Cabinet (Customizable)
  • Voltage range/CH:

    0V~5V (Customizable)
  • Voltage accuracy:

    ± (0.1%RD + 0.1%FS)
  • Current range/CH:

    100mA~10A (Customizable)
  • Current accuracy:

    ± (0.1%RD + 0.1%FS)
  • Battery type:

    Cylindrical cell
  • Testing and grading items:

  • Product Detail

Lithium-ion Battery Cell Capacity Testing and Grading System

Product overview:

The lithium-ion battery capacity testing and grading system is an energy feedback and energy-saving cylindrical cell grading equipment, which grades cylindrical cells after capacity testing.

Each test channel of the battery capacity grading system has an independent constant current & constant voltage source, which can be independently controlled, the test process is stable, and there is no electric shock to the cells.


Battery Formation and Grading System

(Both voltage and current can be customized)

Product model

Voltage range / CH

Current range / CH






















For more product models, please click "Battery Cell Formation and Grading System" to view or contact us.

Scope of application:

The battery capacity test and grading system is one of the necessary equipment for lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

For lithium-ion battery cell manufacturers, it is a battery production and testing machine for the formation and grading of battery cells.

For battery pack assemblers, it is one of the important equipment for the incoming inspection of cylindrical battery cells, and another important machine is the battery sorter.

For battery recycling and reuse manufacturers, it is an indispensable test system for battery cell repurposing. The reused battery cells must be tested and sorted to have reuse value and safe and reliable performance.


1) Energy feedback and energy saving

The lithium-ion battery capacity testing and grading system adopts bidirectional AC/DC inverter modules, and the energy feedback technology can feed the electric energy discharged by the battery back to the power grid, which can save electricity costs and is environmentally friendly.

Compared with the traditional battery grading equipment, the power consumption is reduced by more than 40%.

2) Independent control for each channel

The battery grading machine has 512 channels, and each channel is equipped with independent constant current source and constant voltage source, so each channel can be independently controlled without interfering with each other.

3) High test accuracy

The battery cell grading equipment adopts four-wire test connection to ensure high measurement accuracy, voltage accuracy: ±(0.1%RD + 0.1%FS), current accuracy: ±(0.1%RD + 0.1%FS).

4) Powerful control software

The battery grading software is powerful, which is simple and easy to use.

Graphical operation interface is adopted, which is intuitive and clear. It can display the voltage, current, time, capacity and other data of each battery at the same time and can set different colors to display the corresponding working status and abnormal conditions.

5) Computer control

The battery capacity grading system is controlled by AVR single-chip microcomputer, which can be connected to a computer for control and can save all test data and curves. It can also be operated directly through the control panel of the equipment to complete the test and sort through the setup process.

6) Modular design

It adopts modular design and is easy to maintain.

7) Real-time display of the working status of each channel

Real-time detection and display of the status of each battery, if there is an abnormality, the channel will stop working and the indicator will light up, and the normal operation of other channels will not be affected.

8) Strong compatibility

The power tube uses a field effect tube, which is compatible with lower voltage discharge batteries, such as LFP cells.

9) Powerful protection function

The battery cell capacity grading equipment has protection functions such as over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, under-current protection, over-capacity protection, power-off protection, and data breakpoint recovery.

Technical specifications 

The cabinet

Product name

Battery Capacity Testing and Grading System

Product model


Number of channels / Set


Power supply

Three-phase five-wire system AC380V±10% / 50Hz (Customizable)



Cabinet color

Gray-black (Customizable)

Type of clamps

Flat head clamps (Customizable)

Clamps spacing

37mm (Customizable)

Applicable battery model

Clamps adjustable stroke: 85~145mm (Customizable)

Diameter of tray groove: 32mm (Customizable)

Battery model: 18650, 21700, 26650 and 32650.

Channel control mode

Control modes such as start, stop, pause, continue and protection.

Each channel has an independent constant voltage and constant current hardware control circuit.

Fine-tuning and calibrating the accuracy of charging current and discharging current of each channel.

Power factor


AC current distortion rate


Overall charging efficiency


Feeder conversion efficiency


Working power consumption


Equipment failure rate


Operating environment

Ambient temperature: -10~40

Relative humidity: 80%

Cooling method

Natural intake and upward exhaust

Channel Specifications

Voltage measurement range

DC 0~5V

Battery voltage range

Charge: DC 0~4.5V

Discharge: DC 4.5~2V

Constant voltage range

DC 2~4.5V

Voltage accuracy

±(0.1%RD + 0.1%FS)

Resolution: 1mV

Voltage stability


Current range

Charge: DC 100mA10A

Discharge: DC 100mA10A

Current accuracy

±(0.1%RD + 0.1%FS)

Resolution: 1mA

Current stability


Software function

Control method

Computer control, with scanning system

Communication method

RS485 communication (Baud rate: 57600)

Process settings

Number of test steps: ≤32

Number of cycles: ≤256

Charge mode

Constant current, constant voltage, constant current and constant voltage

Charging cut-off condition

Voltage, current, time, capacity, -V

Discharge mode

Constant current

Discharging cut-off condition

Voltage, time, capacity

Protective function

Over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, under-current protection, over-capacity protection, power-off protection, and data breakpoint recovery.

Step time range


Time accuracy


Sampling inspection cycle


Battery grading and sorting basis

Capacity, time, open circuit voltage, discharge platform, etc.

Data processing

It can record voltage, current, time, capacity and other data, and automatically calculate the constant current charging ratio.

Battery Capacity Testing and Grading System

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