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The battery cycling test equipment is a regenerative battery cycler system with professional battery testing software and data processing software, which can perform rich charge and discharge testing.

  • Model:

  • Test channels:

    12CH/Cabinet (Customizable)
  • Voltage range/CH:

    1.3V~5V (Customizable)
  • Voltage accuracy:

  • Current range/CH:

    ±300A (Customizable)
  • Current accuracy:

  • Product Detail

Battery Cycler System

Battery Cycling Test Equipment

Product description:

The battery cycler system is a regenerative multiple cell tester with professional battery testing software and data processing software, which can perform charge and discharge testing, cycle life testing, cell formation, cell capacity testing and grading, etc.

The battery cycling test equipment can feed battery discharged energy back to the AC power grid, thereby greatly reducing the heat emission, power consumption, and usage costs.

Scope of application:

The battery cycler system is suitable for testing and formation in the R&D, manufacturing and incoming quality inspection of battery cells, it can perform rich charge and discharge test modes, and the test process is programmable.

Main test items:

1. Battery cycle life test.

2. Battery capacity test.

3. Battery charge/discharge performance test.

4. Battery charge retention and recovery ability test.

5. Battery charge/discharge efficiency test.

6. Battery deep discharge test / Battery constant voltage discharge test.

7. Battery over-charge and over-discharge affordability test.

8. Battery temperature characteristics test.

9. Optional: Battery DC internal resistance test.

10. Optional: Battery working condition simulation test.

System Topology

The battery cycler system is mainly composed of bidirectional AC/DC module, DC/DC module, test cables, data acquisition and processing system, etc. The battery cycling test equipment is capable of real-time acquisition of voltage, current, capacity, energy, and other information of each single battery cell, and can optionally support battery cell temperature data acquisition. The collected data is stored in a specially designed database, and provides all kinds of data statistics, analysis, and report generation functions.

Battery Cell Cycler

Figure 1. System Topology of Battery Cycler System


1. High energy feedback efficiency

The efficiency of the battery cycler system can reach 75% when charging and discharging, thereby it generates very little heat, reducing energy consumption and heat generation.

2. High-precision DC output

The battery cycling test equipment uses high-quality current sampling components, the full-load current output has small drift, and uses a 24-bit ADC unit with an accuracy better than 0.05%, thereby it has high sampling accuracy and good long-term stability.

3. Current soft-start

The charging and discharging step starts with soft-start, and there is no current shock at the moment of starting.

4. Seamless switching of CC-CV step

During the CC-CV step, CC mode and CV mode switch seamlessly without any voltage or current surge. The battery cycler system can effectively prevent the battery from concentrating heat due to peak current, thereby avoiding the islanding effect or overshoot caused by the electrode tabs falling off or micro-short circuit.

5. Battery capacity deep discharge test

The battery cycling test equipment supports constant voltage discharge, that is, the voltage remains unchanged during discharge, and the current slowly decreases until it reaches the set cut-off current, allowing deep discharge testing of battery capacity.

6. Multi-channel signal acquisition

The test channel of battery cycler system is equipped with a multi-channel signal acquisition module, which can monitor in real time whether the voltage sampling cable is detached or abnormal, and whether the current cable is in good contact. If an abnormality occurs, the test will be suspended in time and the user will be reminded to ensure test safety.

7. Battery reverse connection protection function

When the battery is reversed, the hardware channel of the battery cycling test equipment is directly locked, and a signal is sent to the processor to prevent the channel from starting, ensuring test safety.

8. Optional: DCIR test function

The test accuracy of DC internal resistance is high, which provides a high reliability basis for the grouping of battery cells.

Technical Specifications of Regenerative Battery Cycler System

Product name

Battery Cycler System

Product model


Product Type

Regenerative type

Charge efficiency


Discharge efficiency


AC Input Side

AC input power


Voltage: Three-phase 380VAC±10%

Frequency: 50Hz±5Hz

Power: 30kW

(Five-wire power distribution system: L10²*3+N6²+PE2.5²)

Power factor

≥99% (Full load)

The Harmonic Distortion

THD≤3% (Full load)

DC Output Side

DC output channel

No. of channels

12 channels/cabinet

Channels used in parallel


Note: Up to 1800A with 6 test channel circuits in parallel.

Channel control mode

Independent control of each channel

Detection and Sampling

Four-wire measurement

Note: The current and voltage wires are separated.


Charge range

DC: 0V~5V

Discharge range

DC: 5V~1.3V

Note: 1.3V is the device port voltage.


± (0.05% FS+0.05% RD)




Maximum current

DC: ±300A

Minimum current

DC: ±1200mA


± (0.05% FS+0.05% RD)



Current rise time


Note: 10ms is customizable.

Current switch time


Output power/CH

Output range

Maximum 1500W



Charge mode

Constant current charge

Constant voltage charge

Constant current to constant voltage charge

Constant power charge

Constant resistance charge

Discharge mode

Constant current discharge

Constant voltage discharge

Constant current to constant voltage discharge

Constant power discharge

Constant resistance discharge

Cut-off condition

(Jump condition or if condition)

Time, voltage, current, capacity, etc.

Acquisition data from auxiliary channels.

Note: Only works when auxiliary acquisition channels are configured.

Software Functions

Operating software

Number of cycles


Nested Loop function

Max. support 10 layers

Work step time range

Supports h, min, and s formats

Data recording


Time resolution


Safety protection

Lower voltage limit, upper voltage limit, lower current limit, upper current limit, voltage and current trend, supports setting protection for single work step.

Auxiliary channel protection

Upper voltage limit, lower voltage limit, upper temperature limit, lower temperature limit.

Power-down data protection

Tests stopped due to power failure or manually can be resumed from the data file to continue testing.

Data display

Circular list

Cycle number, charge/discharge capacity, charge/discharge energy, charge/discharge average voltage, etc.

Process List

Process number, step mode, process time, capacity, energy, cutoff voltage, cutoff current, etc.

Detailed list

Record number, system time, accumulated time, voltage, current, energy and power, etc.

Data export

Test data can be exported to EXCEL and chart files.

It can provide various data analysis curves such as charge/discharge efficiency, charge/discharge curve, voltage, capacity, current-time characteristics, etc., and can import the curves into EXCEL.

Curve type

X coordinate: total time, charge/discharge capacity, cycle times, etc. can be set freely.

Y coordinate: total voltage, current, capacity, single cell temperature, charge/discharge capacity, single cell voltage, etc. can be set freely.

Software protections

Power-down data protection

Over-voltage and over-discharge protection

Over-current and under-current protection

Capacity protection

Power failure pause renewal

Over-temperature protection

Current fluctuation abnormal protection

Protection against abnormal charge voltage rise rate

Protection against abnormal discharge voltage drop rate

Hardware protections

Battery reverse connection protection

Battery over-current protection

Battery over-voltage protection

Other Parameters


Forced air-cooling

Safety level

Conforms to EN60950 and GB4943 requirements.


75dB (IEC62040-3)

Protection level



Modular structure, easy and quick maintenance, free of charge during the warranty period.

Software upgrade service

Free lifetime software upgrades until hardware incompatibility.

Failure rate


Reference dimensions

W610*D820*H1810mm (Tri-color light not included.)


Front and rear

Appearance colors

WinAck standard cabinet colors (Customizable)

Alarm functions

Emergency cut-off switch, automatic shutdown after power failure, automatic load connection and disconnection, etc.

Communication method


Note: It can ensure the stability and real-time of long-distance data collection.

Usage Environment Requirements


600 KG/

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity

10%RH~90%RH (Non-condensing)

Other requirements

Avoid moisture, vibration and dust.

Use in explosive dust and vapor environments is prohibited.

Safety instructions

Good grounding is required.

Keep the surroundings spacious and the grounds tidy.

When the AC input power is connected, it is strictly prohibited to open the device.

The test channel must be in the stopped state when connecting the battery or disconnecting the battery.

In case of emergency, press the emergency stop switch before doing anything else.


Battery Cycling Test Equipment

Figure 2. Regenerative Battery Cycling Test Equipment

* Reference picture (Picture just as reference, please in kind prevail)

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