Thermal Cycling Test Chamber | High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

Thermal cycling test chamber is a professional program-controlled high and low temperature test chamber, which can be linked with the battery cell cycler for battery testing projects.

  • Model:

  • Certificate:

    CE Certificate
  • Effective Volume:

    800L (Customizable)
  • Temp. Range:

    -40℃ ~ +150℃ (Customizable)
  • Temp. Fluctuation:

    ≤ ±0.5℃
  • Temp. Heating Time:

    About 1~3℃/mins (Customizable)
  • Temp. Cooling Time:

    About 0.75~1℃/mins (Customizable)
  • Product Detail

Thermal Cycling Test Chamber

High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

Functional description:

Thermal cycling test chamber is a professional program-controlled environmental simulator that can simulate specific ambient temperatures from -40°C to +150°C. In the above temperature range, high temperature test, low temperature test, high and low temperature cycle test can be executed, and the test can be conducted under single conditions or combined conditions, and the editing of the test program is simple and easy to operate.

It can test the performance of the battery under high and low temperature, including charging and discharging performance as well as safety performance.

It can also test the performance of other materials or products under high and low temperatures, including stability, adaptability and aging performance, etc.

Applicable range:

Thermal cycling test chamber can be used for high and low temperature environment simulation test of batteries and other materials, such as thermal cycling test, thermal shock test, thermal stability test, thermal aging test, etc.

Applicable test standards:

1) GB/T2423.1-2008(IEC60068-2-1:2007) Environmental testing - Part 2: Test methods - Tests A: Cold

2) GB/T2423.2-2008(IEC60068-2-2:2007) Environmental testing for electric and electronic products Test methods - Tests B: Dry heat

3) Etc.


1)The adjustable temperature range of high and low temperature test chamber is wide, from -40 to +150, which can meet the requirements of various battery testing projects.

2)The inner chamber of thermal cycling test chamber is made of SUS304# stainless steel, which can withstand high and low temperatures, and has better corrosion resistance.

3)The testing holes and communication interface are reserved, which can be connected with the battery cell cycler. The test holes and communication interfaces are reserved to connect with the battery cell cycler, and the test software of the battery cycler can be linked to the thermal cycling test chamber, so the professional thermal chamber makes the battery test project easier.

4)The high and low temperature test chamber is equipped with various protection devices and complete protection functions, which effectively ensure the safe and reliable operation of the thermal cycling chambers.

Technical specifications 

1. Product Name

1.1 Product Name

High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

1.2 Product Model


2. Application & Limitation

2.1 Application

This thermal cycling test chamber mainly used for specific ambient temperature test, high and low temperature cycle temperature change test, environment simulate reliability test.

3. Volume & Dimension

3.1 Effective Volume


3.2 Inner Dimension


3.3 Overall Dimension


Kindly reminder: Exact overall dimension please refer to the final design drawing!

4. Performance

4.1 Condition

Environment temp.: +5+35, Relative humidity: ≤85%.

No load (without specimen in the testing zone)

4.2 Temp. Range


4.3 Temp. Fluctuation


4.4 Temp. Deviation


4.5 Temp. gradient


4.6   Temp.        Heating


About 1~3 /mins, average, non-linear, no load

4.7   Temp.        Cooling


About 0.75~1/mins, average, non-linear, no load

4.8   Standard Compliance

Standard Compliance:

GB/T2423.1-2008(IEC60068-2-1:2007) Environmental testing - Part 2: Test methods - Tests A: Cold

GB/T2423.2-2008(IEC60068-2-2:2007) Environmental testing for electric and electronic

products Test methods - Tests B: Dry Heat

4.9 Equipment Weight

Approx 800KG

4.10 Power

Three-phase 380VAC±10%, 50Hz, 10.0KW

4.11 Noise

≤75dB A class)

5. Structure & Material

5.1 External Chamber

Cold rolled steel plate with painting.

5.2 Internal Chamber

SUS304# high &low temperature resistance stainless steel.

5.3 Insulation Material

Adopt fire-retardant high strength PU Polyurethane foam insulation material with

thickness of 100mm, heat preservation coefficient less than 0.0212kcal/Mohr.

5.4 Chamber Door

Single open door

5.5 Observation Window

With vacuum glass observation window on the door; and door frame with electric heat resistant, anti-frosting, anti-condensing        devices, ensures clear observation of the specimen under testing.

5.6 Testing Hole

Each 1 100mm testing hole on left and right of the chamber, with silicon seal and stainless-steel cover.

5.7 Sealing

Adopt original imported silicon rubber strip, with high sealing performance.

5.8 Sample holder

Sample holder 2 layers with insulation material. Load 50kg for each layer.

5.9   Lighting        inside chamber

With one energy saving light inside the observation window.

5.10 Wheels

The bottom of the box is equipped with 4 sets of universal wheels. There is self-locking function on the front two casters, which      facilitate the movement and fixation of the equipment.

5.11 Controller

Please refer the control system descriptions

5.12 Pressure Balance


Installed mechanical pressure close type balance adjustment device to avoid pressure difference influences the test chamber strength when do high temp. test.

5.13 Explosion proof chain

Equip 2 sets of explosion proof chain both on the left&right of the chamber door.

5.14 Remark

1 piece of smoking vent to exhaust the smoking outside of chamber Tri-color light alarm system.

1 set of explosion proof relief door.

6. Air Supply System

6.1 Air supply feature

Blower with variable frequency speed adjustable motor, automatic adjust air speed under constant temperature and humidity, reach the best constant efficiency.

Horizontal air supply method.

6.2 Cyclic Motor

Taiwan brand low pressure asynchronous motor.

6.3 Blower

Multi-blades centrifugal circulating blower, high low temp. resistant aluminum blades.

6.4 Sensor

American PT100 temperature sensorWet-dry bulb

7. Refrigeration System

7.1 Air cooling method

Single stage compressor refrigeration system

7.2 Compressor

Tecumseh (France) or GEA BOKE(Germany) Compressor for options.

7.3 Refrigerant

Environment friendly refrigerant HFC R404a

(R448A/R449A for options with extra cost)

7.4 Condenser

Air cooling high efficiency forced convection finned type

7.5 Evaporator

High efficiency       multi-segment fin type evaporator

7.6 Oil Separator


7.7   Evaporating pressure        regulating valve

Danfoss evaporating pressure regulating valve (ensures novcondensing under long time low temperature high humidity operating.

8. Heating System

8.1 Heating tube

Naked wire type nickel chromium alloy electric heating tube

8.2 Control Method

Controller output signal through SSR solid state relay realize high precise non-contact control.

9. Controller & Control Circuit—SAMWONTECH Controller

9.1 Controller

SAMWONTECH Controller.

Details please refer the user manual.

Lan port/ RS 485 only can choose one.

10. Protection Function

10.1 With specimen anti-condensing, over-temperature protection (also with independent adjustable temperature protector).

10.2 No fuse protection switch.

10.3 Heater over-temp. Protection switch.

10.4 Compressor over-load, over-heating.

10.5 Compressor high low-pressure protection.

10.6 System over current protection device.

11. Other Accessories

11.1 Standard Configuration

1. Two layers sample shelf with insulation material.

2. Two cork for diameter 100mm testing hole.

3. Operation & Maintenance manual and monitoring software.

12. Operating Condition

12.1 Environment Temp.: 5~35;

12.2 Relative Humidity: ≤85%RH;

12.3 Atmospheric Pressure: 80kPa~106kPa;

12.4 Away from strong vibration source.

13. Equipment Manufacturing & Inspection Method

Manufacturing Standard Compliance: GB/T10586-2006 & GB/T10592-1989.

Inspection Standard Compliance: GB/T5170.2-1996, GB/T5170.5-1996.

Remarks: In GB/T5170.5-1996. temperature humidity   uniformity refers to under non load condition.

Thermal Cycling Test Chamber

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